I have worked in and alongside the wedding industry for the last 15 years. I have seen many trends come and go but I think the biggest shift I have seen is people stepping away from the traditional, the expected.  As more couples set out to pay for their own weddings they are finding unique ways to express themselves through their decisions from the venue to the food to the decor.  One way some couples choose to express their personalities is through their wedding cake design.

I love it when couples think out of the box to create the perfect cake, to personalize it with their sense of humour, lifestyle or things they love.

Shit Just Got Real Cake


I remember chatting with this client.  She was worried she was going to offend me with the topper she wanted me to create.

I thought it was awesome and it made me laugh.


This couple had an artist friend who created the perfect little replica of them, right down to the details in the wedding dress.

Kelowna Wedding Cake


When I was contacted about this cake she told me she really wanted to have their pets added to the cake as they were each bringing a cat and 2 dogs for a total of six fur babies.   She also wanted an elegant cake with colourful sugar blooms added.

I think I was able to give them what they wanted!

Kelowna Pet Theme Wedding Cake
Kelowna Pet Theme Wedding Cake
Kelowna Spanish Style Wedding Cake


This couple got married out at La Casa couple of years ago which has a Spanish Vibe to the structure and in the decor.   This couple wanted to bring some of my  beautiful, bright sugar flowers together with the tiles.  I love the way this one turned out.

I got to see the bride last summer when she came to pick up an anniversary cake!


When I was approached about this cake I was a little unsure.  It took some work to get the details but in the end the couple was happy with the elegance she wanted and the outdoors lifestyle they enjoy.

Kelowna Camouflage Wedding Cake


I loved every second of making this super fun cake and the story behind it.  These two are librarians and the Groom collects typewriters.  He thought they were getting a simple cake but she surprised him with this replica, paired with typewriter letter cupcake toppers.  They had book centrepieces!  Loved it!

I think this is one of my faves!

Typewriter Wedding Cake
Typewriter Wedding Cake

As I said in the beginning.  You do you! 

Cake doesn’t need to be serious.  It can be whimsical, fun and a reflection of who you are.

I love connecting with couples, hearing their stories and creating super fun cakes for them.

Kelowna custom cake baker

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