What goes into your cake.

You see a cake…here is what is happening before you see it and why it may seem costly.

All cake orders start with a request. Some are simple and booked with a few emails back and forth. The majority are not so simple and require multiple emails, phone calls and sometimes face to face meetings. It takes time to design the perfect cake for you.

Once a cake is confirmed and the deposit is placed it is time to check inventory to make sure all the elements needed are available. Do I have the right Cake drum, box, ribbon and any other supplies I may need. Then I do the same with ingredients as I use fresh and shop weekly.

Shopping involves going to multiple locations to purchase specific brands of supplies as well as placing online orders for specialty items.


Well before a cake is made the creation starts. Some elements added to cakes take time. Sugar flowers take hours to make. Cake lace takes at least an hour per tier it is being used on. Cut out pieces require hand made templates and guides many elements are painted with metallics or colours. Most elements are made prior to baking so that everything is ready to go on an nice fresh cake.

  • In the kitchen
  • Get pans greased & floured and fit insulated rings for each pan.
  • Assemble ingredients for each pan of cake and measure it all out.
  • Mix cake, which can take up to 15 minutes per batch to prepare depending on the recipe.
  • Bake and cool cakes
  • Wash Dishes
  • Prep fillings
  • Wash Dishes
  • Prepare frosting
  • Wash Dishes

Pulling it all together

  • level off cakes so they are flat for stacking Attach cake to cake drum or board Pipe a buttercream dam and chill.
  • Put filling inside buttercream dam and add second layer of cake.
  • Put a thin layer of icing over the cake, also called a crumb coat or a dirty ice, and chill.
  • Frost the cake and chill
  • If the cakes are being covered in fondant they must be smoothed first as all imperfections can be seen under fondant, and chill If the cake is tiered it is time to stack. Each leveled tier must support the one above it with dowels. There is also a cake dowel placed down the centre. With out these steps the cake could fall over or collapse.
  • Next comes the fun part. Adding all the elements pre-created as well as adding in elements that can’t be made in advance. This part can take hours, depending on the detail.
  • Cake is done so the finishing touch is to add a ribbon band to the cake board.
  • And one more time…Dishes to clean out piping bags and any tools used to create your cake.

Every step takes time. A when you get your cake what you see is a cake. What your cake artist sees is the hours of love, care and attention to detail that went into it. I had a client recently ask why my cakes were so expensive. I was caught off guard and my instant response was to speak of the quality when in retrospect it is really about that and the time.

And please, one flavour…stop telling us you can get a cake way cheaper at Costco or the grocery store. It is an unfair comparison. Look at the label on the cake at the store to see what chemical ingredients are in there to support it as it is made in a factory, frosted by machine, frozen and shipped to where you can purchase it thawed out. And the flavour…again. No comparison to what a true caker can make from scratch.

Kelowna custom cake bakerCheers!

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