Kelowna Wedding Cupcakes

The often overlooked hand held treat.  They are economic, versatile and easy to serve.  We see them at kids birthdays, baby showers, parties and weddings.  Cupcakes can be very simple, like a Vanilla Sponge Cupcake with Mexican Vanilla Buttercream.  There are so many ways to liven up the cupcakes game and here are some of my favourites.

Filled Cupcake

Fill it up!

I love cupcakes with filling on the inside for a few reasons.  

  1. Yum
  2. Unexpected Surprise
  3. Moisture.  Air is the enemy of the cupcake.  Filling helps cupcakes retain their moisture, especially if they will be displayed.

Tint it!

Add a colour, or 2 or 3.  mix, swirl, use different piping tips to create fun details.  With tinted buttercream we can create so many fun designs and the only limit is the imagination.

Unique Cupcake Creations

Add Some Details

Decorating a cupcake beyond the frosting can happen in so many ways.  Although I never use them as everything is handmade at Cakery Arts there are a ton of options for simple picks with paper pictures, like butterflies, or sports logos.  You can find these in many themes if you are a DIY Cupcaker.  I make my own custom decorations out of gumpaste and fondant to add.  You can complete almost any theme with cupcake toppers.

Western Theme Cowboy Cupcakes

Create a Focal Point!

Make it a beautiful display that ties into the theme.  Using plates, platters, risers and crates (and any other thing you would see working).  To create an eclectic display.  No need to shove them all onto a lacklustre cupcake tower whe you can make it a thing of beauty to look at.

Kelowna custom cake baker

Cakery Arts
Kelowna Custom Cake Artist

For more creative cupcake ideas or to order your very own custom designed cupcakes visit us at Cakery Arts