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Just over a year ago I flipped my life. I was working in a high stress job, felt sick all the time, my hair was falling out and I was not fun to be around. My husband encouraged me to stop & I took time to get well again and reconsidered my options
I have always been passionate about baking. I am self taught with 30ish years baking for friends and family. Christmas baking was my favourite to do…creating a variety of goodies to give as gifts. When I was a teenager my friends Dad used to fix my car for my Chocolate Chip Cookies. To this day I still make sure I have cookies every time I see Pat. I love to see him smile with anticipation. That is still my favourite part about baking scrumptious goodies….the smiles of those enjoying them.
During my time off I began to find my joy in the kitchen again and got more involved in the craft of artisan cakes. I am an artist and I love to sculpt. The more I explored the more I realized that I have a true passion for making cakes that Wow!
I began the Community Futures Self Employment Program in January 2015 and on April 1st I opened Cakery Arts. I am home based but do my production in a health inspected commercial kitchen
I am excited for the future and all of the cakes I will be able to create for my customers
Just over a year ago I flipped my life. Best decision I have made for myself in a long time.

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Cakery Arts
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