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 Kelowna Cakes custom made to suit your every occasion including birthdays, weddings or special occasions we have you covered. We bake for people looking for that extra special cake or cupcakes.


Because there is a dizzying array of events that might call for a cake, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, private party or other event, the production of specialty deserts is becoming a swiftly growing subset of the catering and culinary industries not just in Canada, but across the globe, wherever people may wish to have a sweet tooth, visually appealing treat. Presentation is, after all, an essential element of good cuisine.


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In Kelowna, Cakery Arts is the place to go for a unique high quality baking that will meet every expectation. Cindy designs are a well known and she has made her name as an artistic decorator that can create something original and very personable for every occasion. Intended to be a high-end custom creation shop, Cakery Arts produces some of the finest, sweetest, more attractive and at times most unusual cakes in all of British Columbia. Read what our clients have to say.


Drawing on a wide range of influences from across the world, Cakery Arts uses high-quality ingredients to make all their cakes, whether it’s a specialized flour for an exotic flavor of cake to the finest icing to create incredibly elaborate and visually appealing works of cake art. Some of these cake art creations are uncomplicated enough, being simple circular cakes with incredibly elaborate flowers in icing. But truth be told, cakes from this cake shop can be far more elaborate and at times unusual or bizarre.

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Original Unique Designs

Whether you want an edible cowboy boot on a cake, a cake baked in the shape of a race car, iconic pop culture characters such as Star Wars’ Chewbacca or Betty Boop or even something downright strange such as a floating eyeball or cake themed on horror movies, Cakery Arts can pull it off. Whatever the event, Cindy, proprietor of the shop, believes that there is a cake for every occasion and is prepared to make those cakes. Whatever kind of cake you have in mind for any event, this little bake shop can more than handle the job.