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Choosing A Birthday Cake Design For Girls

When it comes to choosing a birthday cake design for a girl’s birthday, sometimes it can be easy, and sometimes it’s a challenge.

Cindy’s wide variety of “Cinfully” delicious cake flavors and many styles to choose from will ensure that your cake is a unique masterpiece that the birthday girl and her guests will never forget.

Rainbow Smasher Birthday Cake

Young Girls

Young girls with a favorite character or TV show will make the choice easy. Whether it’s Minnie Mouse or Frozen’s Anna, your child’s dream cake can be brought to life in the form of Cindy’s “cinfully” delicious cakes and magical skills with frosting, fondant, or a mix of the two.

Swimming Theme Birthday Cake

Middle Grade Girls

A middle-grade girl who loves nature and animals might prefer a farm theme, a horse theme, or a garden theme. Is she a fan of all things feminine? Adorn the cake with intricate lacy designs or delicate blossoms in pastel hues.

Camping Theme Birthday Cake

Hobby Themed

If your daughter has a favorite hobby or activity, like ballet, baseball, or swimming, nearly every possible theme can be tackled and brought to life in a sweet sculpture.

Painting Theme Birthday Cake

Teen Girls

Teen girls may be the hardest to choose cakes for, but it’s easy if you know what she loves to do. Does she love to shop or design fashion? A cake decorated with shopping bags, evening gowns, or a sparkly high-heeled shoe on top might catch her eye. If she enjoys the beach or dreams of going to Hawaii, a Hawaiian or beach-themed cake would make a fun birthday display.

Jungle Theme Birthday Cupcakes

Cupcake By Choice

Some teenagers may want to skip the themed cake. You can replace the cake with a cupcake and dessert table, so that each guest gets her own individual cupcake, along with other treat options.

Sugar Tea Cup Cake

More Variety

Your cake can be made in a variety of styles, including 3D sculpted, fondant, frosted, frosted with fondant details, or frosted with piping details. You can also choose from a variety of unique cake flavors, delectable fillings, and exquisite frosting flavors.

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