When choosing a cake artist there are a few things to consider to be sure you are making the right choice.
Experience: How long have they been in business? How long have they been baking and decorating cakes?
Style: It is important to look at any artists portfolio and see what they have done. Do you love their designs? Is the work clean?
Reputation: Get on line and read reviews. You can find them on Google or Facebook if they use social media. Ask around. Ask your venue and other chosen wedding vendors who they recommend.
Legitimacy: Does your baker have a business license? Some venues require this for liability reasons. Is your cake being made in a proposer, health inspected kitchen? For food safety reasons this is important and also required by most venues. Does your baker carry insurance? You want to make sure there is protection in case something goes wrong. This situation is unlikely but does happen.

Important information to consider when ordering a Wedding Cake

How many servings do you need?
A typical wedding cake slice is 1” x 2” which is a reasonable portion as the cakes are close to 4” tall. Think of cutting each cake as a grid, not like a pie.

I recommend a dessert serving for each guest. Some guests will not have any and some will have a second serving if there is any left after serving the first round. If you are having a dessert bar order a smaller cake so you aren’t left with extra.

Examples of cake sizes with servings.

What flavor profile are you looking for?
When ordering a tiered cake it is possible to order different flavours for each tier. If the cake is buttercream frosted you will want to choose a single frosting for each tier so it is consistent all over the cake. If you are covering the cake with fondant you can choose different frostings for each tier as well.

Based on a typical 3 tier I usually recommend a chocolate tier, a vanilla tier and something unexpected for your final tier. It is lovely to offer what you think your guests will like but it is your wedding so make sure you and yours love one of the selections for yourselves.

Booking a tasting prior to settling on flavours is an excellent idea. Nothing worse than ordering a beautiful cake and finding it is not to your liking flavour and freshness wise. It also affords the opportunity to discuss your vision and cake design.


You will likely want your cake to work with whatever decor you have carefully selected to enhance the beauty of your wedding. Most reputable cake artists will not copy another artists work so it is a good idea to find multiple photographs and describe the elements you like about each one. Your designer should be able to create a design that captures your vision and continue to fine tune it until you are happy.

The options for wedding cakes are limitless. Buttercream covered, Ganache covered or Fondant covered. Sugar flowers, cake lace, hand painting, metallic elements, sculpted pieces, specialty piping….if you can imagine it a well rounded cake artist is likely to be able to create it for you.

A quality cake is not inexpensive. You can safely budget at least $5 per slice for a simple buttercream cake and at least $6.50 per slice for a fondant covered cake. Each element adds into the cost of your cake so the more elaborate your cake becomes then more expensive.

A good Caker will lead you gently through the process understanding that it is not a light decision for some. They should be excited for you and passionate about creating your wedding cake for you. You should feel a connection with them. If these things are falling into place you likely have the Cake Artist for you.

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