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Choosing A Birthday Cake Design For Men

Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday with a delicious cake while gathered with friends and family. However, when it comes to picking out birthday cakes for men, you want it to be something that really stands out with a memorable, masculine design. While shopping for the perfect birthday cake for the guy in your life, Cakery Arts has your answer as a Kelowna bakery that offers a range of unique, sinfully delicious flavor profiles along with the custom design work that every birthday guest of honor will love.

Manly Birthday Cake

Men are vastly different from women when it comes to their birthdays, with some of them even saying that they do not want to have a birthday cake with a whole lot of frill and flowers. Because of this, you need to look for some masculine touches from the design, all the way down to the flavors of the cake, filling and frosting. For design options, you can go with something the resembles a favorite sports team, a mug of beer, his favorite superhero, or a hobby that he enjoys from time to time. Cakery Arts has the ability to create a wonderful custom cake that will mirror whatever look you are going for.

So Many Flavours

In terms of flavors, you have a range of options to choose from, including those that mix a bit of savory and sweet for something unique and memorable with every single bite. Rich chocolate along with salted caramel filling and Mexican vanilla buttercream frosting could be a perfect choice. If he likes a good drink, you can go with a Guinness stout chocolate cake that is filled with white chocolate ganache and then finished off with a Bailey’s cream cheese frosting. No matter what you are hoping to create, your Kelowna birthday cake for him will be just right when you leave it up to Cakery Arts.

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